Joining the expert experience and skills accumulated over 15 years of fair organisation and many successful domestic and foreign projects, the competent Globus team launched Globus Fair and Congress Management incorporationg Congress management into their field of expertise.

The Globus team have organized over a 100 fairs in over 30 countriies including but not limited to the construction, agriculture, food and IT industries.

GGlobus is the organizer of many events that hold the trait of being conceptwise exclusive and unique both in Turkey and around the world such as: iTVF - Istanbul TV Forum and Fair and DISCOP Istanbul.

Our Mission

To be a proactive and leading institution by developing projects which change the current competition conditions in Fair and Congress Management and re-structure the sector.

Our Vision

We carry the various industries we meet into the future with sustainable, successful projects.

Our Goals

To establish and realise successful projects which benefit the development of the industry.

To provide new opportunities for the country’s tourism and economy to increase its share in the global marketplace.

To gather all of the stakeholders of the industry and share the scientific and technological developments while spanning every hoop of the chain while creating a joint platform for the sector.